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Ebeee2eb 4de7 4c73 8bb8 02d0e6a627f9 size2
658362f1 a2e2 4904 a513 fc202f48b9b2 size2
539bb3b2 dd79 4edc b4b5 7e9d423feb96 size2
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48ecd096 5047 49fc a2cb 8585e38a7671 size2
9b97a15d 7c21 4517 b64b e10b2828ebd4 size2
7. 1983
75e7f260 e463 4744 8217 c345dda84039 size2
8. 1983
E476bf47 c5fb 4efc 844e 2c0bd2170f5a size2
812e26c9 1ee4 4b39 a605 b67e522c3efd size2
10. 1983 June
Ccbebfb0 88ca 4002 aaf9 54996d79f386 size2
6ca21cf3 6e68 407e b25c c99de0329f80 size2
Ff3fce02 f828 4b67 a722 e96ab62b4684 size2
13. 1985
7c1f551d f6f2 4141 8d97 bf16c1705e40 size2
B90680b0 3257 430d a9bc 2a96e967241f size2
D160cbb9 8822 4213 8579 5fc65bd45188 size2
49a3fbcb 8d83 424f a1b0 054cfd51eb9a size2
492a2c7d 71be 458c 88a3 32f2bfc377a9 size2
83fcad42 e439 47f7 90fe cdcca506dac8 size2
8a6154a1 c062 45ad 852d 6aa3b32df0e1 size2
20. 1988
E0fe7282 7a29 4539 b5d1 93d0eec9abc0 size2
D2202168 6a43 47ab 9935 7b037e042f7a size2
40e0382c da32 4581 bb35 2013cacbd3d9 size2
8466f287 ab5d 4397 9e19 4ae3a3a5ab15 size2
A229fef8 d5ce 46dc a0d8 5a3fe62507c6 size2
Dba8e61c e6ed 490c ba5a e5bca4630cc8 size2
26. 1993
Ffd9f767 4350 4944 996d b38920ff69bc size2
27. 2000
Cbc466e2 d431 46f2 bbcd f422c8809d9d size2
28. 2000
C42b7969 2d74 486a 9f3e cfc828f5475f size2
D46d8b6f 8fce 419f a06e 81c7ce18b2f6 size2
30. 2001
Ea9cbee3 1c00 4481 a780 549829fd584e size2
28ab9977 5531 49a2 bf3e f56a22ffaa30 size2
25b6c807 3da8 446b a347 d0841bec8068 size2
849ca499 a216 437f b4c2 6d84d35f1c7d size2
42a2b55b 1d0d 4cd2 b5f4 1c337dcdbea6 size2
Cc11146b 6420 4cca 9fd2 44e90bee7fba size2
B85bb5ad 56c1 4da8 8a68 cbb192f08b61 size2
D02d491d bd62 411e bb44 7a246a881453 size2
8ea680c3 94a0 4c82 8928 ef9163b8a536 size2
68cb0564 1f23 4c0b a8d1 8c3fe6a00391 size2
358a3088 7a7c 4c75 a444 4bc0fdda4779 size2
Bb647d3a 94d3 43dd b577 d530e842626a size2
Efa74db0 41e0 4357 965f a6aba9d498c1 size2
9cd28d37 544c 45ba adcc 567eec7a2608 size2
Fef2f7ba 637c 4ef5 aa73 0010fa427395 size2
715b2c97 d814 4a9b 9999 a815dd9db178 size2
C7a86d86 3099 4fb5 8caf a57e169fc5a5 size2
C067ed15 19b5 4be4 a9ad ca722ddafc48 size2
Bc3a7031 b83a 4711 a527 f911111287d9 size2
Bcfb615d 4a24 40dd b2b9 59c3b79563fc size2
8df32976 1da4 4f4b 8da2 b337aa7ebf2a size2
Cf2268c0 bfeb 416b 8b13 a61b9abad4f0 size2
45963ee9 c856 4dfc 8b12 3a856e7e358c size2
111277de 8cdf 4b47 8836 e690b327afb6 size2
D9909191 6808 4d68 870f ba1e8f600f89 size2
571b89b7 745f 4ae7 8dc2 81dd0fddc4e9 size2
A056fd5a 2858 4c3c 9dec a0f18ec7d976 size2
1692104d 53bf 473e 948f 3008e06847b1 size2
3c924906 d863 4762 94c8 fc8d136673e8 size2
92d847e2 e23e 4bbf bc92 f3575202b62c size2
2e13f983 eca4 44d4 9ac4 23c0b8630d7a size2
C873613a 2190 4c46 9ca1 62c041e9cdce size2
945d473a bea3 4110 a8c8 b25eb865b598 size2
4c979f31 40d8 40cb 8cc5 39258604646d size2
D9c0e89d a4a2 43cc bfe4 f39394a310c0 size2
Ee456455 ee74 46a0 9a73 3e2f471ce312 size2
E9472e0f d98e 4413 9f11 7c93781183d2 size2
4066327c c7e1 42f9 8151 9dcc62502081 size2
De580594 8b2e 47e2 b5f2 b8ac6520a5d8 size2