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6. Letter
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9. Letter
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10. Bills?
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11. Letter
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18. Bills?
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26. Bills?
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27. Bills?
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28. Letter
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31. Bills?
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34. Bills?
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35. Letter
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37. Receipt
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39. Bills?
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41. Envelopes
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42. Envelopes
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44. Letter
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46. Recipe
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47. Bills?
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49. Letter
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51. Bills?
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56. Bills
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57. Bills
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59. Map?
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63. Note
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68. Bills
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69. Bills
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70. Bills
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72. Bills
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82. Bills
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87. Envelope?
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88. Envelope?
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89. Bills?
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90. Bills?
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91. Bills?
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95. Scrap
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97. Envelope?
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98. Bills?
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99. Envelope
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