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1701. Bronze Coin
F6a51b6e 854d 43a2 a101 656c5f8474c9 size2
1702. Bronze Coin
A1a63632 b7bf 4115 8aef 9ab4824cfa1c size2
1703. Bronze Coin
Fdca60d9 8656 47d2 ab1e 167d5cdc97d0 size2
1704. Bronze Coin
B7749172 8c0a 4b16 895d 67313a4c0885 size2
1705. Bronze Coin
28a08134 20a3 4cff aa39 ce06b245af92 size2
1706. Bronze Coin
490b09a0 f785 48a8 ab29 10e619a01a1c size2
1707. Bronze Coin
Df154a42 b3fe 4f2c 9820 c6e30a6b1c36 size2
9896a31b 4bac 4191 8ae1 004e97ec5724 size2
1709. Bronze Coin
6284ddce 47df 4716 bf38 314e6df3ecfd size2
101c1652 3b36 4c04 8b1e f532476efb7e size2
1711. Bronze Coin
6df612fb 48a1 41e9 8728 fa9ea2acfe72 size2
1712. Silver Coin
6bd285f8 9377 4260 83fe 0f2468f75899 size2
1713. Bronze Coin
9fc7ba09 d765 49c5 a472 f773513634c7 size2
Ee4d237c c057 42cd 8fd4 3496988b1f10 size2
1715. Bronze Coin
Dfcce4cb bf57 4407 ad44 6fdaa5c91511 size2
1716. Bronze Coin
1948a180 d363 48ae bc8b 0b3073c2ac69 size2
4a3b6572 2dd7 4039 a2c0 be606e47b5ee size2
04804244 c873 48e0 b93e adb81b817f7b size2
1719. Bronze Coin
8a75cc09 b681 4652 ae62 186717c65027 size2
4968ea99 f37f 4d14 ba35 3a2949163fab size2
1721. Bronze Coin
3975a837 6869 4197 aeda 9bd1c3f53a54 size2
1722. Silver Coin
252a5103 e7c3 4645 b869 d8f7322aad90 size2
2ea8dd97 b1e4 4665 9d9e 5cb692cb8427 size2
7c7230dc e15e 4459 980b 8c31c08cf210 size2
2b4e71d0 59bc 446e b3c6 18e70c9fc9a7 size2
1726. Bronze Coin
2a127a25 929e 422f 90a5 992c4bbdc093 size2
142c7821 df6e 44d1 a165 59677f18eda6 size2
72a96e87 5e90 457f bad2 11f52d39c51b size2
C4595388 299f 4f51 a4ad 607687c5c01e size2
19dff8a8 cb2a 438f aac9 75054da5952c size2
65bd9e9e 46de 4bee 9e29 fba567d37aee size2
0cd00395 0d84 4f8d b199 3f68d74b9876 size2
97b7b8f4 b47c 41fc 8999 4f7ccd03450a size2
Dfa76b6c 0188 4ba1 a03a 62c1929b5822 size2
1f0c5f7e 4b06 4142 aabf a1b97d6c046f size2
1736. Bronze Coin
Aa5a6fd1 77f1 4767 a771 b98c61017381 size2
1b48e31d 0016 4e88 b8f2 d9742eb7743a size2
871ba726 72cb 43a0 bf01 4bd3d5fd8b79 size2
37cb70a6 1427 43c0 acdb 0cd75320ee39 size2
1740. Silver Coin
Bd2b752c 0aaf 401f a573 984695f54e76 size2
1741. Silver Coin
13cb59be 5a78 4161 b603 44a3825e39e5 size2
1742. Bronze Coin
C20a9d5b 5da0 4bbf a8d2 396576241602 size2
1743. Bronze Coin
014d40f6 e2f8 4c45 b7d0 0e7c890e905b size2
D5fc1ba3 fa0c 4025 a3b0 49d15b415b07 size2
1745. Silver Coin
21a53069 dc55 41d0 a4fc 315448d43d8d size2
1747. Bronze Coin
Ea6b028f 7a39 4e17 bd53 7fb2cfa2198e size2
1748. Bronze Coin
D4aac57f 2ab4 4c04 81a2 3de0aa7bfb2c size2
3327725f 2aa6 4e9f 82ec 783360f945a8 size2
1750. Bronze Coin
4281cdcc a0eb 4021 9dd6 2a6d6f1d7824 size2
A632dbb2 e8d8 4b69 808b 16ada82c5bdc size2
Cb335f73 eef1 443d a899 013df7b2b3a3 size2
4dafc76e 6117 4265 8681 c3d40d97c1ca size2
51b64628 6869 4eaf a716 c3c9336f93d6 size2
7108836a a3f2 4a83 a65b 18bf5ec847d1 size2
7484daea 1278 447b 9b87 719ff985373b size2
5a6803ff d2af 4783 a5b5 0b084f219018 size2
381b7327 8f9f 4dde 81a7 b53395728be6 size2
81751a7e 282f 4166 b99a 186c1084df67 size2
Ea7109e9 e9f3 482f 8684 694011727319 size2
1761. Bronze Coin
D4e36a38 2dac 4784 9455 6f11c5cf26c1 size2
590a744c ad8b 47af b648 47f60425022f size2
A7fda26a 2971 4dca 9ebd 756d376d2ab1 size2
303d2228 f937 4b19 ba62 5cc3d2ebefb2 size2
5cf91d95 39e7 44d6 a956 a8b617dec566 size2
Dc6c85b8 6a66 48f4 aa8f 73f191d540ff size2
9d177611 d805 4295 b4c0 0ec749cb6ccd size2
0855fd7f f294 4e61 86c0 9514dbce2476 size2
446d6f3e 09f3 4ca6 b254 ef7ad153d18c size2
01281899 34a5 441d 82c9 9d72371c64e4 size2
E2ac9d69 d402 4898 a4d9 a7a8b651d2dc size2
51fabc50 c3e7 45aa 9a36 87e6d3a9422b size2
17a5a544 40f8 4946 8720 d7a89b439055 size2
1d986598 acef 4c44 b6bc 9e1131ab9174 size2
82663359 c894 47e9 b147 7acfa8005b89 size2
48eab63a 2a18 48da 8d37 c1cd57416d66 size2
1778. Silver Coin
8c8032c9 3987 46ac b32b 7a505690a6b6 size2
63171323 b34c 4f2e bc7f 996a84e968c5 size2
5dca6748 aedd 4b0d bcce 3233cecee46a size2
74ba0566 8488 416c b19f 8013e461dcac size2
1784. Gold Coin
4422693e ed99 488d bee2 9666ed57a02a size2
1785. Gold Coin
13c66a34 bbfb 46e2 ab7e f5139b7585e5 size2
1786. Bronze Coin
71395091 c7de 4b83 988a 967b4d0edb81 size2
C89af5ba d2d8 4763 bbc0 36097f18a18d size2
C0f6f345 09f2 4de6 870b 2627c2f2501d size2
Ecaee6d4 b598 46d6 a489 58e6e675f9d5 size2
764c85eb ab4c 465f 9a92 9a5e46cbbd88 size2