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1761. Bronze Coin
D4e36a38 2dac 4784 9455 6f11c5cf26c1 size2
590a744c ad8b 47af b648 47f60425022f size2
A7fda26a 2971 4dca 9ebd 756d376d2ab1 size2
303d2228 f937 4b19 ba62 5cc3d2ebefb2 size2
5cf91d95 39e7 44d6 a956 a8b617dec566 size2
Dc6c85b8 6a66 48f4 aa8f 73f191d540ff size2
9d177611 d805 4295 b4c0 0ec749cb6ccd size2
0855fd7f f294 4e61 86c0 9514dbce2476 size2
446d6f3e 09f3 4ca6 b254 ef7ad153d18c size2
01281899 34a5 441d 82c9 9d72371c64e4 size2
E2ac9d69 d402 4898 a4d9 a7a8b651d2dc size2
51fabc50 c3e7 45aa 9a36 87e6d3a9422b size2
17a5a544 40f8 4946 8720 d7a89b439055 size2
1d986598 acef 4c44 b6bc 9e1131ab9174 size2
82663359 c894 47e9 b147 7acfa8005b89 size2
48eab63a 2a18 48da 8d37 c1cd57416d66 size2
1778. Silver Coin
8c8032c9 3987 46ac b32b 7a505690a6b6 size2
63171323 b34c 4f2e bc7f 996a84e968c5 size2
5dca6748 aedd 4b0d bcce 3233cecee46a size2