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1701. Bronze Coin
F6a51b6e 854d 43a2 a101 656c5f8474c9 size2
1702. Bronze Coin
A1a63632 b7bf 4115 8aef 9ab4824cfa1c size2
1703. Bronze Coin
Fdca60d9 8656 47d2 ab1e 167d5cdc97d0 size2
1704. Bronze Coin
B7749172 8c0a 4b16 895d 67313a4c0885 size2
1705. Bronze Coin
28a08134 20a3 4cff aa39 ce06b245af92 size2
1706. Bronze Coin
490b09a0 f785 48a8 ab29 10e619a01a1c size2
1707. Bronze Coin
Df154a42 b3fe 4f2c 9820 c6e30a6b1c36 size2
9896a31b 4bac 4191 8ae1 004e97ec5724 size2
1709. Bronze Coin
6284ddce 47df 4716 bf38 314e6df3ecfd size2
101c1652 3b36 4c04 8b1e f532476efb7e size2
1711. Bronze Coin
6df612fb 48a1 41e9 8728 fa9ea2acfe72 size2
1712. Silver Coin
6bd285f8 9377 4260 83fe 0f2468f75899 size2
1713. Bronze Coin
9fc7ba09 d765 49c5 a472 f773513634c7 size2
Ee4d237c c057 42cd 8fd4 3496988b1f10 size2
1715. Bronze Coin
Dfcce4cb bf57 4407 ad44 6fdaa5c91511 size2
1716. Bronze Coin
1948a180 d363 48ae bc8b 0b3073c2ac69 size2
4a3b6572 2dd7 4039 a2c0 be606e47b5ee size2
04804244 c873 48e0 b93e adb81b817f7b size2
1719. Bronze Coin
8a75cc09 b681 4652 ae62 186717c65027 size2
4968ea99 f37f 4d14 ba35 3a2949163fab size2