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1721. Bronze Coin
3975a837 6869 4197 aeda 9bd1c3f53a54 size2
1722. Silver Coin
252a5103 e7c3 4645 b869 d8f7322aad90 size2
2ea8dd97 b1e4 4665 9d9e 5cb692cb8427 size2
7c7230dc e15e 4459 980b 8c31c08cf210 size2
2b4e71d0 59bc 446e b3c6 18e70c9fc9a7 size2
1726. Bronze Coin
2a127a25 929e 422f 90a5 992c4bbdc093 size2
142c7821 df6e 44d1 a165 59677f18eda6 size2
72a96e87 5e90 457f bad2 11f52d39c51b size2
C4595388 299f 4f51 a4ad 607687c5c01e size2
19dff8a8 cb2a 438f aac9 75054da5952c size2
65bd9e9e 46de 4bee 9e29 fba567d37aee size2
0cd00395 0d84 4f8d b199 3f68d74b9876 size2
97b7b8f4 b47c 41fc 8999 4f7ccd03450a size2
Dfa76b6c 0188 4ba1 a03a 62c1929b5822 size2
1f0c5f7e 4b06 4142 aabf a1b97d6c046f size2
1736. Bronze Coin
Aa5a6fd1 77f1 4767 a771 b98c61017381 size2
1b48e31d 0016 4e88 b8f2 d9742eb7743a size2
871ba726 72cb 43a0 bf01 4bd3d5fd8b79 size2
37cb70a6 1427 43c0 acdb 0cd75320ee39 size2
1740. Silver Coin
Bd2b752c 0aaf 401f a573 984695f54e76 size2