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1741. Silver Coin
13cb59be 5a78 4161 b603 44a3825e39e5 size2
1742. Bronze Coin
C20a9d5b 5da0 4bbf a8d2 396576241602 size2
1743. Bronze Coin
014d40f6 e2f8 4c45 b7d0 0e7c890e905b size2
D5fc1ba3 fa0c 4025 a3b0 49d15b415b07 size2
1745. Silver Coin
21a53069 dc55 41d0 a4fc 315448d43d8d size2
1747. Bronze Coin
Ea6b028f 7a39 4e17 bd53 7fb2cfa2198e size2
1748. Bronze Coin
D4aac57f 2ab4 4c04 81a2 3de0aa7bfb2c size2
3327725f 2aa6 4e9f 82ec 783360f945a8 size2
1750. Bronze Coin
4281cdcc a0eb 4021 9dd6 2a6d6f1d7824 size2
A632dbb2 e8d8 4b69 808b 16ada82c5bdc size2
Cb335f73 eef1 443d a899 013df7b2b3a3 size2
4dafc76e 6117 4265 8681 c3d40d97c1ca size2
51b64628 6869 4eaf a716 c3c9336f93d6 size2
7108836a a3f2 4a83 a65b 18bf5ec847d1 size2
7484daea 1278 447b 9b87 719ff985373b size2
5a6803ff d2af 4783 a5b5 0b084f219018 size2
381b7327 8f9f 4dde 81a7 b53395728be6 size2
81751a7e 282f 4166 b99a 186c1084df67 size2
Ea7109e9 e9f3 482f 8684 694011727319 size2