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41. Ramkali
2a7680a8 0575 4608 bbdb 609dabbb54ce size2
42. Sri
E4503501 9964 4c72 b10f 26da3362f249 size2
43. Desakh
9f7f5ac0 8e07 4651 899f d167fc5284d5 size2
44. Karnata
Db712552 28fc 4e21 ba77 b4b8920b4b17 size2
45. Bangala
6ee99275 149c 4c0b ab39 a9e517a48a47 size2
46. Rag Megh
92ad6802 8bec 4c49 ab52 6d1da705dfd8 size2
47. Desakh
17b5d9dd 9126 4111 8264 ef280df86403 size2
48. Gunkali
7499deef 2954 479e b827 55332d9c1443 size2
49. Malva
B9ae85f5 3e96 46fc 8b2a c0e5f5459d9b size2
50. Kusum
1eb5eac4 dacc 4a0a a083 301732871b76 size2
51. Kalinga
Aa0251a6 f8c4 447b 9a25 ac28cd35c379 size2
52. Ananda
Fd77b617 c50e 4d83 a49f 27de4dff3342 size2
53. Surahati
E8da3293 f158 430a a89d ac981bb5f4f6 size2
54. Punyaki
942c1f4d f035 49de 9161 7fb484bd1177 size2
1b3a14e9 1077 4917 a7ec 5ea2fbed8943 size2
6ac65b87 d650 4c8a b57d f8b2bd1b4a6e size2
F084c293 0f85 49c4 b9c2 6440e83f46e1 size2
58. Vangal
4b525844 da3c 4be3 bb8f cf26d012da7d size2
222d0f27 10c3 4938 a975 bff1a338af66 size2
9f502720 4ce8 4048 a979 e0ced493090b size2