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1. A Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, and Witchcraft Vol. II, Sorcery, and Witchcraft; Containing, I. The Trials of Several Witches at Salem in New-England. II. A Narrative of many Surprising and Amazing Sorceries, and Witchcrafts practised in Scotland. With the Learned Arguments of lawyers on both sides, at the Tryals of Seven Witches and the Remarkable Passages which happen'd at their Execution. III. The Surrey Demoniack. With all the Testimonies and Information Taken upon Oath relating thereunto. Volume II.

3. A Treatise of Specters or Straunge Sights, Visions and Apparitions appearing sensibly vnto men. Wherein is delivered, the Nature of Spirites, Angels, and Divels: their power and properties: as also of Witches, Sorcerers, Enchanters, and such like. With a Table of the Contents of the severall Chapters annexed in the end of the Booke. Newly done out of French into English.

4. A True Relation of the Arraignment of Thirty Witches at Chensford in Essex, before Judge Coniers, fourteene whereof were hanged on Friday last, July 25. 1645. there being at this time a hundred more in severall prisons in Suffolke and Essex. Setting forth the Confessions of the principall of them. Also shewing how the Divell had carnall copulations with Rebecca West, a young maid, daughter to one Anne West. And how they bewitched Men. Women, Children, and a Cattell to death: with many other strange things, the like was never heard of before. The names of those that were executed. Mrs. Wayt a Ministers wife. Anne West. Mother Benefield. Mother Goodwin. Jane Browne. Mother Forman. Rachel Flower. Mary Greene. Mary Foster. Jane Brigs. Mother Miller. Mother Clarke. Frances Jones. Mary Rhodes.

5. A discourse of the subtill practises of deuilles by witches and sorcerers : by which men are and haue been greatly deluded, the antiquitie of them, their diuers sorts and names : with an answer vnto diuers friuolous reasons which some doe make to prooue that the deuils did not make those aperations in any bodily shape. Imprinted at London : for Toby Cooke, 1587

7. An historical essay concerning witchcraft : with observations upon matters of fact; tending to clear the texts of the sacred scriptures, and confute the vulgar errors about that point : and also two sermons: one in proof of the Christian religion; the other concerning good and evil angels / by Francis Hutchinson, D.D. chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty, and minister of St. James's Parish in St. Edmund's-Bury.