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56. les Fleurs emblematiques : etiennes des anniversaires contenant le langage allegorique des fleurs, l'art de choisir celles qu'il convient d'offrir a chaque sexe et a chaque age, et la maniere de les arranger en bouquets emblematiques ; Seize planches gravees avec le plus grand soin, representent soixante-quatre des plus jolies fleurs, dessinees d'apres nature / Par Madame L. L.n.v.x.

90. The floral kingdom : its history, sentiment and poetry : A dictionary of more than three hundred plants, with the genera and families to which they belong, and the language of each illustrated with appropriate gems to poetry / By Mrs. Cordelia Harris Turner. With an autograph letter and introductory poem by William Cullen Bryant. And a practical treatise for amateurs on the cultivation and analysis of plants

94. Campbell's 1907 soil culture manual: a complete guide to scientific agriculture as adapted to the semi-arid regions : the proper fitting of the soil for the conservation and control of moisture and the development of soil fertility ; how moisture moves in the soil by capillary attraction, percolation and evaporation ; the relation of water and air to plant growth, and how this may be regulated by cultivation