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E53f9ff1 59c3 4f1f a1f3 bb094bb0ce51 size2
Addd9dcb c449 4f9c 8bff d33aa5245d4b size2
489ca171 7ced 4de7 a32e 47a7924de2c1 size2
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1fe1c5dc 5425 49ce b065 d3c22a59691a size2
41df7c13 e836 4721 a563 ebcaf1d1ae6d size2
682b08c8 c2b2 4ecf 8ad9 479ec61f59fb size2
Ea5a0c77 1158 442f be0f 7c70408db19c size2
10. Core axe
E8e55c28 cf6b 48a3 b248 7f3314316e44 size2
2ca91c3c 61d3 4267 8ee9 4bc12771482f size2
15. Whetstone
68386118 617d 4c39 a855 15b7a1d9cebf size2
C127657d a121 4e56 afbb b0489944d9f9 size2
Dc93dfa2 329e 4375 8050 9374478b4d23 size2
A9dc819f 149a 45e5 bcf7 7b5fe0a44b85 size2
C1e18a8b f260 46f7 aff9 630d266e5af0 size2
Aa2b98fc 5159 41d4 a3bc a88acbd7065a size2
D1935396 a547 4460 b65d c6dfbd35b4ad size2
05d7601e fa3b 4645 9ed3 adf016e36809 size2
5a1845f0 8cbe 4d97 ab3b d3d77f773d9a size2
Fdf7c12e d226 414c 8309 a284c7c86acc size2
F3a4c0e0 cf36 415b 9a9f cb0e3d48e39b size2
3450ef15 0df1 4140 bf2d 01af0cb69a5d size2
9fd682ba 4823 4631 a540 2edf6ecf49cf size2
7c3089c3 ca9e 4083 9fec 547ee42a33fc size2
Ffaa40b1 e4e5 401f a3b3 46d47161b992 size2
59a7efc5 4840 4aa4 b955 ebe26c505600 size2
32. Flint axe
2ef9895a 7862 43fe 9ecd 04a1ab4f9d0d size2
33. Flint axe
D7def738 7eb3 4717 a13b 02384035b8cb size2
34. Flint axe
B39eef3c 9823 4eb8 b442 4d259eae47e9 size2
35. Flint axe
5c939cf8 0160 4045 b58f 9185799088bf size2
36. Flint axe
499f4bd5 8f2d 4e20 b035 22bb3b6a31c5 size2
2a9a1594 0ea5 40ff a537 1f2d485b6dc4 size2
262dce8d e109 4a60 b1e2 5e36853341c1 size2
40. Axe blank
469dc7ef 4599 4665 80cb 71ed375f140e size2
69eb04a9 8536 4901 9779 ecd51622bc96 size2
42. Flint axe
C04dc1a7 3dee 41d9 8f3c a7f41e071303 size2
43. Flint axe
C3d1b6f4 3422 460c a3cd ee64de89371a size2
44. Flint axe
710fdc7b bd11 47ed 8546 f91a388f3b51 size2
E36ed5ca f49a 41c3 9948 271dcb5f4175 size2
8f3b1922 581d 4cab 8934 5bb4499ea125 size2
F0b21d21 0f93 459f 9e1c 27bd6635def7 size2
49. Arrowhead
5631e167 949f 4aab 9c83 a98f4f74f351 size2
50. Arrowhead
Fd80c481 5354 45fc 9a1e 9133dc62034d size2
51. Arrowhead
43474be0 1499 4d2f 8972 3f6cde700bba size2
52. Arrowhead
834d0bd1 d992 43b4 8858 16db5d07b91d size2
53. Arrowhead
13040362 5db8 4340 b434 ca94c9fef33d size2
54. Arrowhead
99821262 92c3 4e1b b8d1 cabb46ec22eb size2
55. Arrowhead
A325a068 b6ed 4b39 b056 4ad71f18e820 size2
56. Arrowhead
Fc66f16e 3e21 4796 a692 6c2f78bd49a4 size2
57. Arrowhead
27a9a377 9903 4d83 aa18 913586dc49a2 size2
74940bb4 b8f3 42c0 ba8a aeef5fcc4f5e size2
9761c0cf fd13 46f4 b522 b10ecd244345 size2
0441fef4 7f8b 4a2d bcf8 a6001483d340 size2
E7c23ba1 5b5e 47c9 8166 a4634a19342d size2
031dc716 5958 41c1 9011 ee665b12fcc5 size2
Ddd3dc2e 7fb5 4a50 930e 50504eb77ee3 size2
1e47a699 8f08 4cb3 a532 e7f0720fd92f size2
E030c4d8 d66d 46fa 8038 f05d4e9a16fd size2
3214dfa6 1ffd 4c7b b5a3 2ff1ef4d6183 size2
50a62134 9337 459e 84f4 e427a5860b3d size2
459621d2 10f8 43ab be9b 45a6051b4a8d size2
76620cba e34a 442d b80f f82f6a79b757 size2
85f6ee3b d2a3 4d32 bc9b 1c6537d8f762 size2
89b61d07 b2a8 4bb6 8767 f3825c15a218 size2
C6501d65 25fa 47ac b726 840091340ced size2
73. Flint axe
424d586f a5f3 4256 86d0 d875495ca5cd size2
74. Flint axe
C50eab1d 51a8 4726 936f ad8edc6f5b5f size2
75. Flint axe
4565519c e99d 42e3 90d0 5ffcce443b88 size2
76. Flint axe
95b427f2 6d8a 44ba 8403 5e65f85342da size2
Bc25b360 c8ab 4737 a48c b3c45eae90b4 size2
F597d6da bc7a 4ac1 8419 331ef6cfd180 size2
E671335e 118c 4a97 8a33 e54d26a114bf size2
A0697ae2 1689 435a b843 ec6af1cedde8 size2
4359264f 8bb8 4279 8e5c e68bdd5015d5 size2
Fad2b6cd 1620 472c be2d 40e7610bd597 size2
7137e840 71aa 4362 bb4b 837dcb08c8b8 size2
1fd8eec4 bf5c 4ad0 ba1f 861a87e757db size2
B87a5077 f532 43c7 aabb 0dc8e13e981b size2
A8dcc356 d87b 4f29 a47c d911b679b9f4 size2
E847d2dd 7f6e 4779 8425 3dea7d54df04 size2
F241a4a3 9b74 4272 92f4 81bb39766d8d size2
2e71d8c0 2cf2 401d 8c02 9ec5c9cdebe7 size2
8072ce28 d349 4660 8820 3cd2e4bb5bfe size2
85258467 c641 434e b915 2dab5cc62b39 size2
C62ce0b7 acee 4696 8695 e94a2a474ff6 size2
A45d4d17 700e 4a49 b0ee a62687f29b9f size2
94. Arrowhead
C84a3ae3 5fe3 40ce b06a 616fbecce177 size2
95. Arrowhead
3b51a1e1 7be5 48fb b80d 523839e811be size2
96. Arrowhead
Bfb1be60 afa2 4422 ab45 d289b7bd201f size2
4a960ef8 c3f5 4dbf ba52 08188db1a034 size2
C94d0632 3069 497d 94bb c050e558de06 size2
A377e770 55f4 4cef 9aea 9e6730df531d size2
A9c2c363 02a3 466c a83c 13464d019ce3 size2