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10. Plan 176
702b5f1c c297 4acb aef7 27346232466a size2
11. Figure 42
7f478d16 7d32 4455 b632 4e2695e669b3 size2
12. Plan 93
60703046 915d 46b0 95c7 c620f2dcfe98 size2
13. Plan 110
Cbdc61f9 e25b 4221 aff5 64a43b38d15b size2
14. Plan 123
Dd632fb5 20ce 4241 8451 c5717226ab1b size2
2db13b9f 6f4f 4c0c af38 1fe68c1cc7b5 size2
16. Plan 145
E86c46df 4186 437b 8f96 4733764055ec size2
17. Plan 76
E14ac5fa 028a 4f98 ae8f 9785ab321c95 size2
77775231 2d27 4be4 9955 b167325a7aa2 size2
19. Plan 127
5d54d292 578e 46b4 8494 8b1dac0be80e size2
20. Plan 106
Da9cdea8 9b38 47d9 8f86 13d78c503505 size2