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19. The feminine monarchie, or, The historie of bees: shewing their admirable nature, and properties, their generation, and colonies, their government, loyaltie, art, industrie, enemies, warres, magnanimitie, &c. : together with the right ordering of them from time to time: and the sweet profit arising thereof.

20. The reformed common-wealth of bees: presented in severall letters and observations to Sammuel Hartlib ; with The reformed Virginian silk-worm, containing many excellent and choice secrets, experiments, and discoveries for attaining of national and private profits and riches.

21. The horse-hoeing husbandry, or, An essay on the principles of tillage and vegetation: wherein is shewn a method of introducing a sort of vineyard-culture into the corn-fields, in order to increase their product, and diminish the common expence, by the use of instruments described in cuts

34. Guano: a treatise of practical information for farmers : containing plain directions how to apply Peruvian guano to the various crops and soils of America, with a brief synopsis of its history, locality, quantity, method of procuring, prospect of continued supply, and price ; analysis of its composition, and value as a fertilizer, over all other manures

36. Mysteries of bee-keeping explained: being a complete analysis of the whole subject : consisting of the natural history of bees, directions for obtaining the greatest amount of pure surplus honey with the least possible expense, remedies for losses given, and the science of "luck" fully illustrated--the result of more than twenty years' experience in extensive apiaries

47. The bee-keeper's text-book with alphabetical index: being a complete reference book on all practical subjects connected with the culture of the honey bee in both common and movable-comb hives, giving minute directions for the management of bees in every month of the year, and illustrating the nucleus system of swarming and Italian queen rearing

74. The Patrons of Husbandry on the Pacific coast: being a complete history of the origin, condition and progress of agriculture in different parts of the world ; of the origin and growth of the order of Patrons, with a general and special grange directory, and full list of charter members of the subordinate granges of California ; also, of the foes of the farmers, or monopolies of land, water, transportation and education ; of a protective tariff, currency and banking

85. The A B C of bee culture: a cyclopædia of everything pertaining to the care of the honey bee, bees, honey, hives, implements, honey plants, &c., &c. : compiled from facts gleaned from the experience of thousands of bee- keepers, all over our land, and afterward verified by practical work in our own apiary