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2. les Fleurs emblematiques : etiennes des anniversaires contenant le langage allegorique des fleurs, l'art de choisir celles qu'il convient d'offrir a chaque sexe et a chaque age, et la maniere de les arranger en bouquets emblematiques ; Seize planches gravees avec le plus grand soin, representent soixante-quatre des plus jolies fleurs, dessinees d'apres nature / Par Madame L. L.n.v.x.

84. Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and Mercy: Discovered in Above Three Hundred Memorable Histories, Containing I. Dreadful Judgments upon Atheists, Perjured Wretches, Blasphemers, Swearers, Cursers and Scoffers. II. The Miserable Ends of divers Magicians, Witches, Conjurers, and c. with several strange Apparitions. III. Remarkable Presages of Approaching Death, and of Appeals to Divine Justice. IV. The Wicked Lives, and Woful Deaths of Wretched Popes, Apostates, and Desperate Persecutors. V. Fearful Judgments upon Cruel Tyrants, Murderers, and c. with the Wonderful Discovery of Murders. VI. Admirable Deliverances from Imminent Dangers and Deplorable Distresses at Sea and Land. VII. Divine Goodness to Penitents, with the Dying Thoughts of several Famous Men concerning a Future State after this Life. Impartially Collected from Antient and Modern Authors, of undoubted Authority and Credit, and Imbellished with divers Curious Pictures, of several Remarkable Passages therein. By R. B. [pseudonym] Author of the History of the Wars of England, and the Remarks of London, and c.