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21. The housekeeper's encyclopedia of useful information for the housekeeper in all branches of cooking and domestic economy: containing the first scientific and reliable rules for putting up all kinds of hermetically-sealed fruits, with or without sugar, in tin cans or common bottles; also rules for preserving fruits in American and French styles; with tried receipts for making domestic wines, catsups, syrups, cordials, etc. ; and practical directions for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, destruction of insects, etc., etc.

74. An encyclopaedia of domestic economy: comprising such subjects as are most immediately connected with housekeeping: as, the construction of domestic edifices, with the modes of warming, ventilating, and lighting them; a description of the various articles of furniture, with the nature of their materials; duties of servants; a general account of the animal and vegetable substances used as food, and the methods of preserving and preparing them by cooking; making bread; the chemical nature and the preparation of all kinds of fermented liquors used as beverage; materials employed in dress and the toilette; business of the laundry; description of the various wheel-carriages; preservation of health; domestic medicine, &c,&c.

86. Cotton: its uses, varieties, fibre structure, cultivation, and preparation for the market and as an article of commerce, also the manufacture of cotton seed oil, cotton seed meal and fertilizers, with especial reference to cotton growing, ginning, and oil pressing in the United States