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Landon-Knox Stickers, ca. 1936

About the collection

"The collection consists of published material, ephemera, and artifacts dating to between 1800 and 1976, including ballots and slates of candidates; promotional broadsides, handbills, and posters; political cartoons (primarily from Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, and Puck); lithographs and prints (primarily by Kellogg, N. Currier, and Currier & Ives); pamphlets, leaflets, and brochures; songbooks and sheet music; badges, pins, ferrotypes and celluloid buttons; campaign ribbons; parade equipment such as lanterns, torches, banners, and walking sticks; bandanas and other textiles; and souvenirs of all kinds including plates, cups, vases, trays, bottles, sewing boxes, and games."