Image Credits

Histioteuthis bonnellii
Cornell Collection of Blaschka Invertebrate Models
SSID: 20108189

Dusky Duck.: Anas obscura.
Hill Ornithology Collection
SSID: 3871580

Norræna húsið / Nordic House
John Clair Miller Image Collection of Twentieth-Century Architecture in Iceland
SS: 18860207

Plan 125
Digitizing Tell en-Naṣbeh, Biblical Mizpah of Benjamin
SSID: 19102651

Wolfe Expedition
The J. R. Sitlington Sterrett Collection of Archaeological Photographs
SSID: 12513364

Panorama of Vicos, Ancash Province, Peru with Mt. Huascaran in the background
Vicos Collection
SSID: 321762

[Line of children (orphans?) with American and Korean flags]
Willard D. Straight in Korea
SSID: 319643

Painted tapa cloth
Selections from the Cornell Anthropology Collections
SSID: 2620424

Pictura totius Galliae, divisae in partes tres. . .[Map of Gaul] (from Caesar, Works)
Images from the Rare Book and Manuscript Collections
SSID: 11177525