Indonesian Music Archive

The Indonesian Music Archive consists of approximately 193 hours of audio recordings made in Indonesia. The collection began its life as the “Archive of Field Recordings,” a project initiated by then-graduate student John Pemberton (PhD 1989, now in the anthropology department at Columbia University) that brought together and documented reel-to-reel recordings of Central Javanese gamelan and vocal music, most of them made in the 1970s in the court cities of Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Many of these recordings were made by Pemberton himself. Others were made by fellow Cornellians Nancy Florida (PhD 1990), Jennifer Lindsay (MA 1980), and Emeritus Professor Martin Hatch, while still others were contributed by fellow researchers and enthusiasts of Javanese gamelan, including Alan Feinstein, Alex Dea, and Laurie Kottmeyer.

The archive also includes recordings of the music and rituals of the Sasak people of the island of Lombok, made by Judith Ecklund (PhD 1977) as part of her dissertation research, and recordings of sung verse from Aceh, made by Emeritus Professor James Siegel in 1968.