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55. Flint axe
424d586f a5f3 4256 86d0 d875495ca5cd size2
56. Flint axe
C50eab1d 51a8 4726 936f ad8edc6f5b5f size2
62. Arrowhead
5631e167 949f 4aab 9c83 a98f4f74f351 size2
64. Arrowhead
A325a068 b6ed 4b39 b056 4ad71f18e820 size2
74. Flint axe
4565519c e99d 42e3 90d0 5ffcce443b88 size2
75. Flint axe
95b427f2 6d8a 44ba 8403 5e65f85342da size2
Bc25b360 c8ab 4737 a48c b3c45eae90b4 size2
7137e840 71aa 4362 bb4b 837dcb08c8b8 size2
82. Arrowhead
Fd80c481 5354 45fc 9a1e 9133dc62034d size2
83. Arrowhead
43474be0 1499 4d2f 8972 3f6cde700bba size2
84. Arrowhead
834d0bd1 d992 43b4 8858 16db5d07b91d size2
85. Arrowhead
13040362 5db8 4340 b434 ca94c9fef33d size2
86. Arrowhead
Fc66f16e 3e21 4796 a692 6c2f78bd49a4 size2
87. Arrowhead
99821262 92c3 4e1b b8d1 cabb46ec22eb size2
88. Arrowhead
27a9a377 9903 4d83 aa18 913586dc49a2 size2
F0b21d21 0f93 459f 9e1c 27bd6635def7 size2
C62ce0b7 acee 4696 8695 e94a2a474ff6 size2
97. Arrowhead
Bfb1be60 afa2 4422 ab45 d289b7bd201f size2