About: Credits

Advisory Board

  • Amy Bentley, Professor, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Studies, New York University
  • Patsy Brannon, Dean, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University
  • Mary Cassner, Librarian, Consumer and Family Studies, University of Nebraska/Lincoln
  • Ruth Deacon, Dean Emeritus, Iowa State University
  • Evelyn Frangakis, Librarian, National Agricultural Library
  • Martin Heggestad, Bibliographer, Mann Library, Cornell University
  • Eileen Keating, Rare and Manuscripts Division, Cornell University
  • Janet McCue, Director, Mann Library, Cornell University
  • Mary A. Ochs, Head, Collection Development and Preservation, Mann Library, Cornell University
  • Joy Paulson, Preservation Librarian, Mann Library, Cornell University
  • Henry Ricciuti, Professor Emeritus, Human Development, Cornell University

Cornell University Mann Library Project Staff

  • Mary A. Ochs, Head, Collection Development and Preservation
  • Joy Paulson, Preservation Librarian
  • Martin Heggestad, Bibliographer
  • Johanna Hartnagel, Student Bibliographer
  • Guy Smith, Preservation Assistant
  • Shawn Milrad, Preservation Assistant
  • Barbara DiSalvo, Copyright Specialist
  • Thomas Turner, Metadata Librarian
  • Nathan Rupp, Metadata Librarian
  • Roswitha Clark, Technical Services Assistant
  • Tim Lynch, Head, Information Technology Section
  • Frances Webb, Programmer/Analyst


Home Management
  • Ruth Deacon, Iowa State University, Emeritus
  • Francille Firebaugh, Cornell University, Emeritus
  • Marjorie Knoll, Pennsylvania State University, Emeritus
  • Rose Steidl, Cornell University, Emeritus
Child care, Human development, Family studies
  • Bettye M. Caldwell, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Emeritus
  • Julia Grant, Michigan State University
  • Willard W. Hartup, University of Minnesota, Emeritus
  • Frances D. Horowitz, City University of New York
  • Lewis P. Lipsitt, Brown University, Emeritus
  • Ross Parke, University of California at Riverside
  • Henry Ricciuti, Cornell University, Emeritus
  • Elizabeth Toon, Cornell University
Clothing & Textiles
  • Carol Avery, Tallahassee, FL
  • Nancy Breen, Cornell University
  • Patricia Cox Crews, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Marilyn DeLong, University of Minnesota
  • Nancy Fair, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Judy Flynn, Duxbury, MA
  • Ruth E. Hawthorne, Lacey, WA
  • Karen Herbaugh, American Textile History Museum
  • Joan Laughlin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins, Longmeadow, MA
  • Clare Sheridan, American Textile History Museum
  • Phyllis Torto, Briarcliff Manor, NY
Home Economics as a Discipline
  • Karen Craig, Lafayette, LA
  • Ruth Deacon, Iowa State University, Emeritus
  • Jean Failing, Cornell University, Emeritus
  • Marjorie Kostelnik, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Neosha A. Mackey, Southwest Missouri State University
  • Sharon Nickols, University of Georgia
  • Penny A. Ralston, Florida State University
  • Margaret W. Rossiter, Cornell University
  • Diana D. Shonrock, Iowa State University
  • Sarah Stage, Arizona State University
  • Virginia Vincenti, University of Wyoming
General (Housekeeping/Etiquette)
  • Carolyn Goldstein, Lowell National Historic Park
  • Sharon Nickols, University of Georgia
  • M. Kathleen Prochaska-Cue, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Eleanor Thompson, Winterthur Museum
Housing, Furnishings, & Equipment
  • Joseph Laquatra, Cornell University
  • Shelley Nickles, National Museum of American History
  • Diana D. Shonrock, Iowa State University
Applied Arts & Design
  • Jan Jennings, Cornell University
  • Diana D. Shonrock, Iowa State University
  • Eleanor Thompson, Winterthur Museum
  • Rima D. Apple, University of Wisconsin
  • Kathy J. Cooke, Quinnipiac University
  • Nancy Tomes, State University of New York
  • Elizabeth Toon, Cornell University
  • Karen Wilkerson, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Retail/Consumer Studies
  • Carolyn Goldstein, Lowell National Historic Park
  • Joan S. Thomson, Pennsylvania State University
Food and Nutrition
  • Georgene Barte, Oregon State University, Emeritus
  • Amy Bentley, New York University
  • Sharron Dalton, New York University
  • Ann A. Hertzler, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Emeritus
  • Mary Kelsey, Oregon State University, Emeritus
  • Harvey Levenstei, McMaster University, Emeritus
  • Audrey Maretzki, Pennsylvania State University
  • Heather K. Moberly, Oklahoma State University
  • Jean Peters, Oregon State University, Emeritus
Hotel/Restaurant/Institution Management
  • Gregory Norkus, Cornell University
  • Dennis Reynolds, Cornell University
  • Diane Zabel, Pennsylvania State University