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Project credits

Many people at Cornell University were involved in making this project a success.

Hydra development (2014)
  • John Cline, Programmer
  • Jenn Colt, UX Designer/Developer
  • Gregory Green, Curator, Echols Collection, Kroch Asia Library
  • George Kozak, Digital Library Specialist
  • Danielle Mericle, Project Manager
  • Jeff Petersen, Southeast Asia Librarian
  • Adam Smith, Coordinator of Web Programming
  • Melissa Wallace, UX Designer/Developer
Original project / DLXS implementation (2006)
  • David Block, Director of World Area Collections, and PI (August 2003 - )
  • Division of Library Information Technologies: Mira Basara, Rhea Garen, Peter Hoyt, Judith Johnson, David Jones, George Kozak, Danielle Mericle, Bronwyn Mohlke, Marcy Rosenkrantz, and Enrico Silterra
  • The Echols Collection: Katie Williams and Amadee Meyer
  • Ritsu Katsumata, Graphic Designer
  • Beth Katzoff, Website and Evaluation Coordinator (January 2005 - May 2005)
  • Melissa Kuo, Web Designer
  • Library Metadata Services: Marty Kurth, Nancy Holcomb
  • Tamara Loos, Associate Professor, History and Southeast Asian Studies. Professor Loos assisted with the grant proposal and provided insight and help during the project. In addition she authored the texts in the Collections section of the website.
  • Allen Riedy, former Curator of the Echols Collection, served as the PI until August 2003
  • Kari Smith, Digital Library Project Archivist, Project Manager
  • Jeffrey Petersen, Echols Assistant Librarian


IMLS Funds SE Asia Digital Collection

FOR RELEASE: 13 November, 2002 Ithaca, NY -- Cornell University Library has received a grant of $281,449 from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for a two-year project to digitize early Western travel narratives from the library’s John M. Echols Collection on Southeast Asia.

Directed by Allen J. Riedy, curator of Cornell Library’s renowned Echols Collection, the "Images of Southeast Asia" project represents the first large-scale initiative worldwide to create a digital collection of Southeast Asian library material. The resulting digital collection will comprise a significant representation of English language first-person accounts of life in Southeast Asia before 1927.

In collaboration with the library’s divisions of Digital Library and Information Technologies and of Rare and Manuscript Collections, the full contents of 400 monographs and 150 periodical articles from the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society and Le Tour du Monde will be scanned and made available in a full-text database. The resulting digital collection will include some 140,000 pages of text and 10,000 illustrations taken from early Western travel narratives.

With holdings totaling more than 370,000 titles, the John M. Echols Collection is the largest collection on Southeast Asia in the United States. More than half of the collection comprises volumes in the vernacular languages of the region—Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Malaysian, Khmer, Laotian, and the languages of the Philippines. The collection’s Dutch, French, and Spanish holdings are uniquely strong and date back to early colonial periods of the region.

For more information about the Images of Southeast Asia project, contact The Echols Collection at 607-255-8889.

Sponsor (IMLS)

NLG Program Statement

The National Leadership Grant Program's Preservation or Digitization of Library Materials category enables libraries to preserve and digitize valuable resources, often in innovative ways. The grant is awarded to model projects that have far-reaching impact throughout the library community. These prestigious grants are awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an independent federal agency that fosters leadership, innovation, and a lifetime of learning by supporting the nation's 15,000 museums and 122,000 libraries.